Goodbye Youtube, Hello BlackJunction.TV - New Video Sharing Platform for the Black Community

Let's face it, the "big 3" social networks (Youtube, Facebook and Twitter) have been giving the Black community their ass to kiss for awhile now.

With the many issues regarding social media giants like FacebookTwitter, and Youtube, and their treatment of Black issues and the Black voice, there has been a small influx of new social networking sites for the Black community. BlackJunction.comBlaqspot, and Moorus are a few of the most popular new Black social sites.

Let's face it, the "big 3" social networks (Youtube, Facebook and Twitter) have been giving the Black community their ass to kiss for awhile now. This is hard to believe, considering statistics show that Blacks and Latinos make up the majority of users who interact the most on these platforms. You would think the big wigs at these companies would recognize that and try not to step on our toes too much, but apparently that would be too much to ask of them. From censorship issues, to accounts being completely shut down for being too "pro black"to discriminatory hiring practicesdiscriminatory housing adsto sharing Black activists' information with the police - the list goes on.


This constant shade has lead many Black people to look for alternative platforms and has lead to the creation of new social media sites for the Black community like and These sites are a great alternative to FB and Twitter for Black people who want a place they can discuss issues and experiences that affect the Black community without fear of being censored, trolled, or having their accounts shutdown.

Many Black Youtubers have been expressing their need for an alternative platform due to advertising issues, censorship, and trolls on Youtube. Until recently, there was no real alternative for the Black community in the video sharing space but a new video sharing site is looking to change this problem. is a new video sharing platform released by the same businessmen who founded a little over a year ago. The two owners, Yusuf Asturias and Anthony Alleyne, say they decided to release the new platform because they saw the need for a space within the massive videosharing category that catered to the Black community.

"After the success of, we started getting emails and messages from people saying we should make a "Black Youtube", says co-founder Yusuf Asturias. "We were relunctant to do it for awhile because we wanted to focus 100% of our time and efforts on and continue to grow that platform. But recently we added a few new people to the Black Junction team, which allowed us to free up some time and availabilty, so we decided to do it."

"We just want to provide viable options for the Black community outside of these platforms that honestly don't care about our voices. Black people built social media. Black people made Facebook and Youtube and Twitter what they are today but we are still being censored on those platforms. It's time we stop complaining and build our own media outlets." has been in the soft launched phase since in October 2017. The official launch of the site will be January 7, 2018; but the site is currently available and fully functional with a large amount of videos already on the site. The site is totally free to join, and has a full advertising and monetization system. The owners say the ad and monetization system is completely self-contained and doesn't rely on Google Adsense in anyway.

"The most important thing we want to provide with our platforms is independence. We are building our own space that isn't reliant on the platforms who censor us" says co-founder Anthony Alleyne. "Our advertising system on BlackJunction.TV will consist only of businesses who advertise on Black Junction. Our monetization system offers a 75% payout for content creators. Youtube currently pays only 45%. We are not looking to be a Youtube clone, or "the Black Youtube"; we are our own thing. We will be adding new features and functionalities that you won't be able to find on Youtube."

There is no more reason to complain! Now it's time to do. Open an account, watch, upload, and share your videos. You can also import your Youtube and Vimeo videos in seconds. No more excuses. No more complaining. If you feel like the other platforms are not treating us with respect - leave. You have alternatives.

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