Quora/google censorship of lifeasamelanated being blog and upcoming DA Kids mini-series!

This is a blog post is about how Quora/Google won't allow me to blog on my blog which isabout melanated people and the upcoming Da Kids mini-series !

Hey guys my name is Courtland I'm a youtube/blogger that just wanted to let you guys know about my blog that I've started a year ago is dedicated to melanated people that live in the Americas and the whole world. My top post had around 122 views and it was about how many of us melanated folks are indigenous and the picture that I chose for the post was a seminar which educates our people about this thing. I truly believe that writing about our ancestors being indigenous on this post and even about the darkside of thanksgiving on another one allowed google to silence me on my blog. If any of you guys were to head over there you will not be able to view my view count and since I have ran out of space on there I will have to write on here.

But enough of that now. The other thing that I wanted to talk about is my upcoming educational mini-series that is for kids! This educational mini-series is something that I've been wanting to do for a while now. Not just because I'm an advocate for alternative media since Corporate Media has gotten even more one dimensional over the years. But being able to teach kids that most melanated folks in the Americas are in fact from the Americas when this knowledge has been hidden from OUR people when the majority of the world has been known about this all along. The time for this knowledge to spread freely through our communities is now.

Da Kids official

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