The Facebook Agenda - (Is To Fuck You Up!)

It's only a matter of time before black people feel the effects of not supporting black social networks like this one. The truth is, you will Facebook yourself to death!

Due to recessive behavior that has been programmed into the black community, it has become more easier than ever to social engineer the black populace. Black people have made it more easier than ever. Why? All for validation and likes.

Come to find out, that like button on Facebook is more powerful than we ever imagined. FBI/CIA is taken full advantage of that.

Have you ever heard of "Iron Fist?" Of course you probably have not. It's actually a code name for an elite agenda to target black people online using mediums such as Facebook and Twitter. It works in a simple way. Just talk to one of your new friends (who could be an agent) on Facebook and then get you to say something incriminating. Now guess what? You just made the list of dummies who are now being targeted and monitored by the FBI/CIA. You probably will not notice, not unless you travel somewhere that is, and are told that you need to be further checked out.

Iron Fist appeals to the weak nature of Black people online and their constant need to be validated on nonBlack networks. It's become an increasingly easy way to target you.

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The good news for them is that you probably upload all of your family pictures on Facebook. They thank you for it! Now they know your friends, relatives and to a degree, they even know how you think.

Welcome to Iron Fist. Consider such innitiatives the new shackles for slaves. And the best part is you don't even realize your dumb ass is still a slave... falling for the tricks!

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Mark Fuckerberg!

Support Black Social Networks!

Think Deeper

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I’ve been saying this for years. So refreshing to find this network and be amongst people who are awake and doing something with their knowledge. I just joined, so will take a few weeks to really contribute and help this network flourish. Thanks for posting!

DeAngela Allen 1 y

I have been blocked so many times on facebook, it makes no sense.


I can't wait for more black media of all kinds: news, politics, technology,Community, etc...............


I've been blocked over 45 times for speaking my mind on my own pages on Facebook. It's a nightmare!!! I want to sue them because I pay them to promote my business, and they turn me off whenever they get ready, and not one of my pages are negative. I'm blaqque, and I'm proud, Beginning Writers of all Categories, and Give God Praise. These are suppose to be my pages, and as soon as I post something of my people's history, or background, I'm banned!!!! I'm looking for a lawyer. I don't care how big their establishment, my God is bigger!!!!