The revealing of the covert handling of the "Negro Problem" in America. Their problem "What to do with all these freed slaves we don't need anymore. How can we continue to make them work for free in prison or slowly make them disappear in a covert manner."


From red lining to Willie Lynch tactics of playing black females and gay black men against the straight black male. We will go over it all. Just Look at this picture. The subliminal message is clear. Black woman turn your back on the black male dog and only confide in the gay black male. Of course they would push this because how likely is the balck woman to breed with the gay black male. She is more likely to :

  1. Go lesbian
  2. date white
  3. go celibate.

All leading to Soft Genocide.

That is why when the corporations have to hire black the trend is to hire black women. Then If we if we complain why dont you hire black men they say ok then hire gay black men. Then if you say why dont you hire black straight men they counter with " WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST GAYS!"

This and the advocacy of sterilization of female prisoners, abortion clinics mostly in the ghettos, crack implanted in the hood by the CIA, imprisonment of black men for minor infractions or first offenses, and paractice of not hiring black men so that they cant afford families is a strategic form of clandestine eradication of the African American in America that I have termed "SOFT GENOCIDE" The masters of it being the state of California. They smile in your face...