MARIJUANA: Stock Market Trend for “Whites” and Prison Time for “Blacks?”

The Marijuana business is a growing beast, so black people may think that it is a good business option. However, the system has proven to be the enemy of blacks creating a legacy for family and friends. I know that some of us are still going to get into this business, so if you do it, do i

Marijuana has become one of the top contenders on the stock market when it comes to making money. The United States, Canada, and other countries have already legalized Marijuana or are working on laws to make the use of Marijuana legal. Medical marijuana has been legalized nationwide in Canada since 2001, and now Canada has the Cannabis Act in works to legalize recreational marijuana. In Ohio, areas like Toledo, Bellaire, Newark, Roseville, and Logan legalized marijuana possession.  

It is apparent that marijuana reform is taking place worldwide. In 2018, 21 states considered bills that would legalize adult-use marijuana: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

Twenty-two states and the District of Columbia have decriminalized small amounts of marijuana. This generally means certain small, personal-consumption amounts are a civil or local infraction, not a state crime (or are the lowest misdemeanor with no possibility of jail time). Currently, marijuana is on the stock market in Canada and the United States. There are also hundreds of marijuana startups. However, the Federal Government remains steadfast in keeping marijuana illegal.

This is very concerning since the marijuana arrest and prosecution rate are disproportionate “Black,” even though the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) states that there is similarity in the marijuana consumption rate between “Blacks” and “Whites;” it is this way in areas highly populated, or not so highly populated by “Blacks.” To this day, there are still more arrests made for possession of a small portion of marijuana than violent crimes; even with legalization or softening of the law in favor of marijuana.

The number of people arrested for a marijuana law violation in 2017: 659,700. The percentage of people arrested for drug law violations who are Black or Latino 46.9% (despite making up just 31.5% of the U.S. population). The number of those charged with marijuana law violations who were arrested for possession were 599,282 (90.8 percent). Yet, the $47+ billion a year war to enforce marijuana has had no impact on its availability or use.  

That brings us to the fact that the prisons are on the stock market. The prison companies have been lobbying for more lengthy and severe sentencing to ensure filled prison cells. In fact, the prison stocks increased with Trump’s election; in the private prison system, federal prisoners increased 120% while state prisoners increased by 33%. These prison systems rely on a healthy Government budget. In fact, Government employees could be unknowingly supporting the prisons; their retirement funds are invested in the two largest private prison systems.  You will be surprised to find out that the corporations that you do business with own a sizeable amount of prison stocks; even some banks are invested in prison systems.

To keep the pockets of a certain group of people lined the “Black man” and the “Black community” pay a heavy price. I say this because, after incarceration, the “Black man’s” ability to find a job is limited or lost. His ability to get a higher education or secure housing is lost because the Federal Government does not provide grants to felons and some landlords don’t rent to felons. In the case where he loses his driver’s license, job search and taking care of his family is restricted or lost. In fact, most employers don’t hire felons.

It’s hard to look at this picture and not ask; what the hell is going on? “Black people” don’t normally invest in the stock market, but there is a good amount of “Black people” employed by the Government. There are also more “Black men” in American prisons than any place on this earth, and most are there for marijuana possession. Think carefully about this. A certain group of people continues to line their pockets by using “Black people’s” labor; in and out of prison.

But things are about to change because the legalization of marijuana is in conflict with the prison’s ability to maintain its capacity. This marijuana legalization situation is threatening to cut in on their money because marijuana possession is how they get most “Black men” in the prison, and the prison system is their money maker. However, if you are in jail for marijuana possession and marijuana becomes legal; should you still be held a prisoner? This is the $47+ billion-dollar question!


Your take away from this post should be:

  1. The Federal Government is being lobbied by the prison companies for more lengthy and severe sentencing.
  2. The prison stocks rely heavily on Government support.
  3. “Black men” are arrested and prosecuted at a disproportionate rate for marijuana possession as opposed to “White men,” despite the similarity in usage.
  4. Some of the Continental United States are working on legalizing marijuana use.
  5. The Federal Government does not want to legalize marijuana.
  6. Should anyone be in prison for marijuana possession after it is legalized?
  7. Why is the start-up cost for a marijuana dispensary out of range for Blacks to participate in a commodity that has kept them incarcerated?
  8. Considering the history of the government's experimental damage to the Blacks; should Blacks even consider getting into the marijuana business?
  9. It is my responsibility to provide you with this information before I drop a video providing you with information on the start-up cost and the needs of a marijuana dispensary. If you are going to do this; DO IT RESPONSIBLY! Grow your own product to ensure that the quality is not compromised with poisonous substances. Practice group economics: one group of you grow the product while another group of you run the dispensary. BLACK PEOPLE, you know that the government and other groups DO NOT care about us! DO NOT MAKE THIS ANOTHER CRACK EPIDEMIC!


Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and small minds discuss people. So be the change that you want to see. ~~ Anonymous



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