Trials And Tribulations Of Supporting Black Platforms

As a people we are conditioned not to give support to Black platforms like Black Junction because we are used to serving platforms that mean us no good.

Log in to Facebook on any day of the week and you are bound to see it... complaints about how Facebook practices white supremacy and doesn't allow Black people freedom of speech. As I read these complaints I nod and sigh. It's not like Facebook is forcing us to use their 23 billion dollar a month social network. Thanks to the eagerness of Black people to give back to elite establishments and the slavery need for validation, Facebook grosses billions of dollars a month, and that is when they are having a bad month!

What do Black people own? What do we possess? Dust???


Support Black media!

I used to blame white supremacy and justify the buffoonish behavior by thinking, "It's not our fault. The white man has brainwashed us. He is holding us back! Death to the white establishment of white supremacy, only to learn that supremacy cannot exist with inferiority. I do believe Black people are inferior beings who are not capable of making intelligent decisions. But in my unpopular and controversial opinion, we make the stupidest decisions as a people and I wish I knew how to make it stop!

I have a message for Black people. Stop claiming white platforms as your official platform! Cut it out! Stop being slaves, but the behavior cannot be argued.

Black people contribute to making mediums like Facebook and Twitter billion-dollar networks that boast the ability to control Black behavior. These networks have algorithms that control what you see when you see it and even if you see it! Think of all that power you are giving away to these networks. However, Black social networks look like ghost websites with random posts and memes and oddly enough, they are not social. See, the reality is that everyone is saving their best conversations for the billion-dollar networks that they spend most of their lives complaining about. In fact, many only go to Black social networks to promote their mainstream profiles.

The argument is that everyone is on the bigger websites and that makes sense. What doesn't make sense is that if you start using Black social networks, then guess where your target audiences will be?

I am appalled by the Black behavior that I compare to how slaves must have thought. Black people keep saying the white man has all the power, and that would certainly be true if they spent most of their time giving away their power to white establishments.

So now we have to focus on the "why?"

Black people crave validation. This is also due to slavery. After Black genes have been imprinted with feeling worthless and less of people, Black people have to prove their worth more than any human on the planet. They believe they get validation from these white establishments, however, they get no such thing. They mine as well wear a sign on their foreheads that says, "I am a damn slave!"

The irony is that many of you are on Facebook promoting Black businesses but don't attend Black websites and when you do you don't use them how they are intended to be used. You guys basically coon out!

Black people don't know how to use Black social networks and then complain that they are boring. So here are tips for you to use:

  1. Engage with others.
  2. Make meaningful posts.
  3. Get involved with the websites.
  4. Join more than one Black network. (It's called Black networks for a reason!)
  5. Support all the networks you attend.

No Black person in the world should be giving a Black social network a bad rating. If you have a problem with the network, then you should message them or complain about the platform on their own website to help them fix problems if you are truly concerned. Otherwise, you express slave mentality which is either jealousy because you want to compete with them or you just hate yourself so much that you are trained to believe Black social networks are inferior and therefore Black people are inferior and it actually gives you such good pleasure to participate in their destruction.

Quit selling out each other. Give this app a good rating along with other Black apps and the more websites that win, the more Black people win. Someday, we can have our own Facebook and billion-dollar networks that can create opportunity and wealth within the Blck matrix. Think about it, people!

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