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About Black Junction

Black Junction is a social networking platform for the Black Community. BJ is a place for the Black community to meet, discuss issues, learn, network, grow, and have fun! Black Junction is 100% Black owned and operated. We created Black Junction with a goal of building a place online where Black people could speak freely about issues that concern us without worry of being censored. Join the Community Today!


Platform Features

  • News Feed
  • Personal Wall
  • Messages and Inbox
  • Notifications
  • Chat
  • Private Messaging
  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Marketplace
  • Photo Albums
  • And more

The Black Junction Team

Black Junction is 100% Black owned and operated. The founders and owners of Black Junction, Yusuf Asturias and Anthony Alleyne, are two life long friends who grew up in Newark, NJ together. The idea started with a Facebook group for Black Business owners called Black Main Street, that quickly grew to its own website and platform; www.blackmainstreet.net. The goal of Black Main Street is to help the growth of Black Businesses by providing a platform, where Black business owners can connect with each other. Black Main Street grew rapidly, gaining thousands of members in a short period of time. However, many members began to voice their concerns with the fact that the platform only allowed Black business owners to join, thus cutting them off from potential clients and customers. Black Junction was created after many people suggested a platform that would incorporate Black business owners with the rest of the Black Community. These suggestions, combined with the fact that the largest social media website on the web has been frequently banning and censoring Black topics of discussion, culminated in the creation of Black Junction.

The Black Main Street and Black Junction team:


App Available on IPhone and Android

Black Junction is currently available for download on IOS and Android platforms. Stay connected with the community while your on the go. Download the app today!