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Okay, ladies! We all love a Sexy Bra and Panty set right?

What about the Vagina that goes in them?

I speak with women every day that suffers from:
Ovarian Cyst
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
Yeast Infection
Vaginal Dryness
Low Libido
Bacterial Vaginosis

Why is it that we will choose to invest in all things sexy & Seaxual, bur not our own Sexual reproductive health?

We will buy, Sex Toys, Perfumes, Sexy Clothes. We will invest in our physical health. Go to the gym, wear makeup, put on a waist trainer, waist beads.

We have all experienced a UTI taking the Meds and the Meds that were supposed to " Heal" us causing us a yeast infection because the Meds Killed both good and bad bacteria hence creating a new health issue.

For those of us who have daughters, is this the experience you want them to have?

When are we going to take our sexual and reproductive health into our own hands?

Learn about alternative healing methods.

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Hello, Womb Warriors! Check out my first youtube video I filmed from my Holistic Wellness Center... I was addressing an article I had read that was negatively discussing Yoni Detox Pearls. Not Mine, but another young woman in the Womb Healing Business... Enjoy & Subscribe! Thanks for the LOVE!!!!



Blow out sale on Yoni Detox Pearls!

Blow out sale on Yoni Detox Pearls!

I have to say thank you for all of your support in helping us grow and spreed awareness about the need to care for our womb/ divine center. This has been a very exciting journey, and we would not be able to continue our healing without your support.

Blissful Womb Tea is a Powerful herbal blend ideal for use anytime during a women’s reproductive life. It helps relieve mild aches and pains during menstruation, its ingredients are formulated to assist in stopping spotting between periods and lessening excessive menstrual bleeding. The astringent qualities make it useful for use when experiencing loose bowel movement, and shrinking sores in the mouth or on the skin. Blissful Womb Tea is also helpful for the menopausal years, easing those troubling symptoms due to its astringent and anti-inflammatory actions.

Suggested use: Taken daily for 3 weeks prior to their menstrual cycles. However you can enjoy this blend at any time this is a female tonic that is also helpful for symptoms of prolapsed uterus a divine remedy for the “organs of creation.” Used to assist in the healing process from infertility and restore normal menstrual cycles.

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Feed Ur Divinity #feedurdivinity........ When you read those words what is the first this that comes to mind?

Mine is:

Nourish your soul

Do Yoga

Get out and enjoy nature

Take deep breaths

Eat clean

Go for a run

listen to my favorite play list

read a book & sip some tea


Get some Reiki give some Reiki

Be kind and giving

LOVE hard


Be creative

Comment + Like + Share this post with the hash tag: #feedurdivinity And list what it means to you.

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